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Aurora Mural Unveiling: Awakening to a New Aurora

Thursday, March 25, 2010by  WALLY Team

Energetic citizens and local Greenwood-Phinney business owners came together this week to celebrate the unveiling of the first of two joint mural projects gracing downtown Aurora in an effort to beautify the area. On Tuesday, Peter, Brad and I traveled up Aurora Avenue to see the unveiling of the newly commissioned piece, which was funded by the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and the Greenwood Aurora Involved Neighbors (GAIN).


"Awake to a New Aurora" is an 8' x 30' mural installation that paints a scene filled with some of our favorite NW types. From the Super Long Coffee Orderers to the NW Action Figures, the mural showcases neighbors enjoying the rich resources of the Pacific Northwest together. 


Check out a few of our favorite mural images:


mural space man orange 



mural lady man couple 


mural owl 


mural sun set 


The unveiling offered a terrific opportunity to meet the people who make a difference every day in the Greenwood neighborhood. Cindy, an organizer for the Greenwood community group GAIN, shared her vision for the mural with us. 'We wanted to give people a reason to slow down and enjoy Aurora on foot by giving them something beautiful to look at,' she said. 


We also met a group of friends who work to 'grow' community cohesion through a local garden. Kevin, Jeremy, Alyssa and Karen got permission from a former landlord to convert a vacant space into a place where local P-Patch People can raise organic produce and throw the occasional Wednesday evening barbeque. 


'We just need to get people talking to each other,' Karen said. Sounds good to us - We'll see you there! 




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