Artesian well no myth, could become a park

Olympia beer labelLongtime Northwest residents remember Olympia Beer and its slogan, “It’s the water.”

Olympia said its brew was made with pure artesian spring water, which set Oly apart from its competitors. In that pre-merger era, those Northwest rivals included brands like Rainier, Lucky, Blitz, Heidelberg, Rheinlander, and Brew 66.

In 1980, Olympia launched a spoof ad campaign that featured unseen, underground-dwelling “Artesians” who brewed their beer in Tumwater, Wash., using artesian wells.

Some wondered, is the artesian water itself a myth, like the Artesians?

Olympians know better. And so do you: The Olympian now reports that the city council is considering turning the site of Olympia’s artesian well, located near 4th Avenue and Jefferson Street, into a city park.

The Artesians ad campaign, though popular, couldn’t reverse Olympia Beer’s sagging popularity. In 1983 Olympia was sold to G. Heileman Brewing Co., and in 2003 the Tumwater brewery closed. Reminisce (or discover) Olympia’s Artesians via this 1981 TV commercial.

by  Jon Osterberg



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