We're getting more aggressive on the road

March 24, 2019 by PEMCO Insurance

Aggressive driver.In a recent PEMCO Poll, drivers noted more aggressive acts on the highway than they did in a similar poll just four years ago. Not only that, but they admitted to more aggressive acts themselves, with Millennials topping the list, saying they made an average of 3.3 risky maneuvers a month.

Exactly why tensions on the road seem to be rising, we don't know. But you can help keep a road-rage target off your back when you avoid these 10 triggers:

  1. Honking

    to express frustration or impatience (honk only to avoid a collision).
  2. Gesturing, tailgating or deliberately slowing down

    to reprimand other drivers.
  3. Driving too slowly

    in the left lane.
  4. Meek merging

    that backs up people behind you.
  5. Failing to use turn signals

  6. Changing lanes abruptly

    and cutting off other drivers.
  7. Blocking intersections

    after the light changes.
  8. Playing music so loud

    that it can be heard outside your car.
  9. Blinding oncoming drivers with your high-beams.

  10. Taking up more than one parking space

    or banging your door into the car parked next to you.

Learn more about the PEMCO Poll here, or check out this video:​​


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