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A Taste of the Harvest: Hurry Up and Wait?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009by  WALLY Team

Have you ever been told to 'hurry up and wait'? This weekend, the phrase took on a whole new meaning for Brad and I as we headed to Wenatchee for the annual A Taste of the Harvest festival.
Cranberry Juice race athleteEach year, the city of Wenatchee hosts a festival in honor of the the previous year's bountiful harvest. Farmers bring colorful, delicious produce from all over the region in celebration of the land's richness and event attendees have a fabulous time sampling the local produce.

While working at the PEMCO booth, Brad and I had a chance to cheer on a group of eager waiters and waitresses as they competed in the unique 'Hurry up and Wait: A Waiters Race,' which was modeled after Paris's traditional Bastille Day races.

Contestants were each given a tray with a glass of cranberry juice and had to run the length of two full city blocks without spilling a drop. The contestant who spilled the least and crossed the finish line first was crowned the winner and took home a prize of $250!

Watch as the contestants bolt from the starting line:
Cranberry juice race athlete looks backWe caught up with one of the contestants after her race.  She explained, 'That was way more difficult than I thought it would be!  I even spilled some of the juice on my shirt, but luckily it should dry right off in this beautiful weather!'



All in all, Wenatchee's A Taste of the Harvest festival offered a yummy way to say goodbye to summer and to welcome in the fall.

Up next for the PBAs: You can find us in Port Gamble for Old Mill Days, and next Sunday at Qwest Field as the Seahawks take on the Bears.

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