"A sausage walks into a bar...."

Milwaukee Brewers sausage mascots on fieldGuido is no longer a sausage hostage.

The famous 7-foot Italian link, known for racing against other tall weenies at Milwaukee Brewers baseball games, was stolen Feb. 16 but reappeared yesterday at a bar in Cedarburg, Wisc.

Guido and his competitors -- the Bratwurst, the Polish Sausage, the Hot Dog, and the Chorizo -- sprint along the base lines between innings at Brewers games. It's Milwaukee's version of the Seattle Mariners' hydro races, which evolved from The PEMCO Cup sailboat races of the late 1980s and '90s.

Had Guido not surfaced, perhaps Seattle's Oberto Sausage Company could have provided a relief sausage. But now we'll never know.

Police gave no no word on whether Guido's fellow weenies were grilled for information. Read the Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal story.

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