A Guide to surviving Santa pictures

On Thursday, the WALLY team had the pleasure of joining the Sounders FC for the Junior Alliance Holiday Celebration at Century Link Field. Over 100 Junior Alliance members and their families came out for a night of crafts, dancing, prizes, and pictures with their favorite Sounders players as well as Santa!

While many kids, like the Junior Alliance members, are very excited to have their photos taken with Santa, we know that sometimes taking kids to get this necessary holiday photo can be a nightmare. I’ve been getting Santa pictures taken with my brother for 21 years now, so I feel qualified to give a few tips on surviving pictures with Santa. Here are some ways to ensure you'll get the best Santa photo possible:

Avoid peak hours – I cannot stress this one enough. If there is one thing that is a surefire way to make your kids antsy and anxious before meeting Santa, it’s waiting in line for an hour in a busy mall. Going earlier in the day and earlier in the season will help to avoid those pesky lines.

Tell them beforehand that they’re going to see Santa – While this may not be as important for seasoned veterans or those who are excited to see Santa, some kids aren’t always thrilled to see the big guy. Pulling a bait-and-switch by telling your kids that you’re going to Toys R’ Us and then taking them to see Santa instead will only make them cranky, and it will show in the photo. Trust me, I know from personal experience.

If all else fails, bribe them – I know it may not be the best tactic, but if you have exhausted all your options, bribe them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything physical either. A simple promise of a trip to Toys R’ Us will suffice. Just the idea of getting something afterward will be rewarding enough to those who don't want to see Santa.

Happy holidays from the WALLY team!

by  Justin Dellinger



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