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A Free Throwdown Showdown champion is born

Monday, September 24, 2012by  Elliott Nicholas

“3.....2.....1......BEEEEEEEEEP!!!!”  It was all over so quickly.  Michaelle sunk his 39th bucket in 45 seconds in front of 3300 Storm fans. He won PEMCO’s Free Throwdown Showdown!

Michaelle visited our booth late in the season. His best score of 72 ended up being enough to get him into the qualifiers, but he hadn’t topped the season high score quite yet. Michaelle wasn’t disheartened. In fact, getting into the Showdown bracket was truly all he needed.

On Friday, Michaelle was our first finalist to check-in. He was a good 15 minutes earlier than his competition (this guy came to play), and when the other contestants arrived, Free Throwdown school was in session. 

Winning PEMCO Free Throw Down 

Let the games begin!

Despite being our 4th seeded competitor out of five players, Michaelle quickly took control of the Showdown.  On his first of two rounds, Michaelle scored 122 points, setting a new record for the season!  Everyone else had two chances to post their high score and, maybe, even beat Michaelle’s.  The second finalist, Mike, put up a respectable 66 points, but even Michaelle’s second best score of 99 still handily beat the rest of the field. 

Vince Lombardi once remarked that “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” It didn’t matter to Michaelle how well he performed in the semi-finals if he don’t win the on-court Showdown. Michaelle understood what was at stake as he walked out onto center court at Key Arena.  Once the timer started, he hit bucket after bucket.  Mike was doing his best to keep up, but the night belonged to Michaelle.  In the end, Mike was able to put up 33 baskets to Michaelle’s 39.  It was a close game but Michaelle took the gold.

We had a great time playing Free Throwdown this season and want to thank all of the Showdown contestants for a great tournament. The Showdown may be over, but make sure to stop by and see us at the post-season games for more fun!

Michaelle, the Free Throwdown Showdown champion, and his family 

Michaelle, the Free Throwdown Showdown champion, and his family

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