You know you’re a Seattle driver when…

It seems that “How’s your commute?” has become as common as “How’s the weather?” in our region.

Between bridge work, event traffic, and burrowing Bertha, our traffic alerts and notifications are constant.

All of the extra minutes at the wheel give us more time to identify and appreciate Seattle's unique drivers. recently came out with a list of 10 reasons we know you’re a Seattle driver.

We spotted the Oblivious Left-Lane Occupant in the mix, but how many other Seattle-driver characteristics do you recognize (or exhibit)?

  1. Refuses to honk. Ever.

  2. Unwilling to let others merge.

  3. Bad with turn signals.

  4. Opposes bicyclists and bike lanes.

  5. Collects excuses for not taking the bus.

  6. Drives at crawling speeds daily on the interstate.

  7. Owns a gray-scale-colored vehicle.

  8. Drives in the left lane at all costs.

  9. Has a weather-related excuse for driver error.

  10. Complains about traffic nonstop.

Read the list on for some commentaries that will make you chuckle about NW drivers in the next lane over. Not you, of course.

by  Sharlyn Petit



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