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Wind-farm turbines kill bald, golden eagles

Friday, September 13, 2013by  Jon Osterberg

A government study says at least 67 eagles have been killed in the past five years by wind-farm turbines, like those found in the Northwest.
   The bald and golden eagles died at wind farms across the country, with most deaths occurring in California and Wyoming. The American Wind Energy Association said the deaths attributed to turbines were much lower than other causes of eagle deaths.
   In Washington and Oregon, travelers can see wind farms near places like Arlington and Wasco, Ore., and Goldendale, Ellensburg, and Dayton, Wash. Turbine towers, built in clusters on windy ridges, reach 221 feet tall with blades 129 feet long. The blade tips exceed 150 mph. Read the Associated Press article that ran in the Yakima Herald-Republic.

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