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Why did the camel cross the road? (Plus, tips to avoid hitting him)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016by  Sharlyn Petit

In strange teen driver news out of Alabama, a teen driver’s car collided with a camel on a country road earlier this week. Though the owner leading the camel tried to get the driver’s attention, the crash caused injuries to both the driver and camel.

We all can agree the likelihood of a car-meets-camel collision in the Northwest is pretty slim (barring any zoo animal escapes), but teen drivers can use this example as a reminder that it’s not just other drivers you need to look out for on the road.

Large Northwest animals like bears and deer are active around dawn and sunset, so cut your speed in rural areas, use your high beam headlights when safe to increase visibility, and don’t swerve – at high speeds, you’re much more likely to risk injury or death if you swerve to avoid a large animal, rather than hit it.

Also, increase your vigilance during the fall for deer-breeding and migration season. October through December ranks as the peak time for deer-vehicle collisions.

Read more safety tips to avoid deer-vehicle collisions.

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