Washington among dangerous states for drivers 65+

A new study reveals some states are more dangerous than others for senior drivers, who beyond age 65 begin to have more accidents, according to the AAA Foundation.
     Accidents increase because of impaired vision, hearing, and health issues. Of course, not all drivers suffer impairment at the same age. And seniors typically are safer than younger drivers – they’re more likely to use seat belts, travel fewer miles at slower speeds, drive more in daylight than after dark, and they’re less likely to drink and drive.
     The states that present more risk for seniors tend to have soft driving laws, dense population, outdated roads, bad weather, and little mass transportation. Topping the list compiled by Caring.com is Rhode Island, followed by Maine and Minnesota.
     Idaho ranks No. 5, and Washington ranks No. 9 among the most-dangerous states for older drivers. The study notes that residents age 65+ account for just 14% of the Evergreen State’s population, yet they accounted for 20% of fatal crashes in 2014.
     Oregon came in at No. 14 nationally.
     And the safest states for senior drivers? New Mexico and North Dakota top that list.
     Read the full results at Caring.com.

by  Jon Osterberg



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