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Walla Walla Fair and Frontier Days: Little River, Big Fun

Wednesday, September 8, 2010by  WALLY Team

Its name means "little river" and it's nestled beneath the Blue Mountains. It is here that a celebration has been going on for over 140 years.

This Labor Day Weekend, Brad, Steven and I headed southeast to Walla Walla for the Fair and Frontier Days, the oldest fair event in Washington. As we were piecing together our wine charms and mingling with the locals, we discovered what makes this fair so special. It's the people!

Bellevue residents Kellie and Samuel were a lot like us — they too decided to head south to Walla Walla to enjoy the extended weekend. "We came all the way from Bellevue just for the parade and fair," said Kellie. "But it's really the people that keep us coming back. And having some great wine doesn't hurt either."

showing Walla Walla wine charms 

Kellie and Samuel show off their Walla Walla wine charms.

Well, Kellie, we couldn't agree with you more about the people of Walla Walla. For those of you who couldn't make it down to the pristine Eastern Washington town, here are some of our favorite sights from the parade and fair:

Shriners at Frontier Days 

WALLY1 stood out in the parade, even next to bright yellow mini corvettes.

Livestock at Frontier Days 

The Walla Walla Fair featured great food - unfortunately some of the livestock thought the PBAs were edible.

Wally Team at Frontier Days 

The PEMCO booth was a popular spot for this mutton busting youngster.

If you missed us this weekend, we'll be back on the road again on Sept. 18 for the Othello PRCA Rodeo. But before that we'll be at both the Sounders and Seahawks games on Sept. 9 and 12, respectively. It's funny that the Seahawks open their season at home on the 12th, which just so happens to be the home of the 12th man. Coincidence? I think not.

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