WALLY warms up to summer at the 2013 Spokane Hoopfest

During the second weekend of summer, the WALLY team joined 7,070 teams in Spokane for Hoopfest 2013, the world’s largest 3-on-3 street basketball tournament. This tournament shuts down the streets of Spokane, covering 42 city blocks, for one weekend each year!

With hot temperatures in the forecast, the WALLY team started the weekend off by handing out more than 100 bottles of sunscreen to ensure both players and spectators could protect themselves from the blazing sun. We also offered signs of encouragement near the PEMCO Team Check-in as an activity for people to work on while they waited to register their team. 


During our time at Hoopfest, we met so many wonderful teams and families who were really excited for a weekend of basketball. One group of families from Winthrop, Wash., really stood out to us. They arrived with 20 people, making up 3 teams for the tournament: An all-girls team, The Hoopsie Daisies; a co-ed team, The Incredibles; and an adult male team, The Undercover C. We followed to group throughout Hoopfest weekend as they enjoyed the competition and festivities.

The Hoopsie Daisies lost their first game, won their second game and lost their third game on the first day of games, putting them out for the rest of Hoopfest weekend.

The Incredibles lost their first game and won their second game on the first day. On day two, they won their first two games and lost their third game, ending their Hoopfest weekend.

The Undercover C won their first game and lost their second game on day one. On day two, they lost their first game of the day ending their Hoopfest journey. While they were not Hoopfest Champions, overall the group enjoyed the tournament and festivities, and they'll definitely be returning next year!

The WALLY team also had a blast, meeting so many new people. Our prize wheel was a hit, as were the signs of encouragement. The CCS Ballers even stopped by the WALLY van in between games to create some signs of their own.

We had a wonderful weekend at Riverfront Park enjoying the games, the sun and of course, the people. We can’t wait for next year’s Hoopfest!

by  Mikki Valentine



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