WALLY joins the PDX Bicycle Expo for a weekend of high-octane bicycle action

The WALLY team was fortunate enough to join another event that attracted a plethora of NW Action Figures and Recumbent Bike Commuters in one of the cycling capitals of the world, Portland. The two-day PDX Bicycle Show included a variety of vendors congregating in the Portland Expo Center to share their unique products with the cycling world.

Besides the vendors, there were various action sports taking place throughout the weekend. Area favorite Ryan Leech was showcasing his trials bike skills. For those unfamiliar, bike trials is a discipline of  biking in which the rider attempts to pass through an obstacle course without setting foot to the ground. Ryan was jumping over 3 foot tall objects and hopping up stairs with ease, it was amazing!

When we weren't busy chatting with other guests and giving away cool PEMCO swag – which wasn't often – we had a chance to walk around the exhibit hall.The WALLY team’s favorite product on display was the wooden bicycle helmet. That's right, a man beautifully crafted helmets out of high quality woods, and still met all of the safety standards that are required to keep your noggin safe. We're sure that he'd get along great with the Roadside Chainsaw Woodcarver

Our favorite attraction of the weekend had to be the Lumberyard Jump Jam. There were BMX athletes as young as 6 years old performing high-flying maneuvers that our team wouldn’t even dare to attempt. One of the athletes did an amazing superman seat grab, all while wearing his very own pair of PEMCO sunglasses that we were giving away from our booth. These guys really knew how to get the crowd going! As usual, we loved coming to Portland and the WALLY team will see you next time we're in town! 

Keep on riding, Portland!


by  Justin Dellinger



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