WALLY celebrates the summer solstice at the Fremont Fair

This past weekend the WALLY team ventured past the troll and over the bridge to join the crazy solstice festivities at this year’s Fremont Fair. Thousands gathered in the Fremont Neighborhood for a weekend of good vibes, good music, and great friends.

The best part about events like this is the diversity of Seattleites that converge in one area for a weekend of fun. From the Utility Kilters and Fremont 60’s Holdouts marching in the Solstice Parade, to the Green Lake Power Walkers and Blackberry Hunters lining the paths of vendors and food trucks, the Fremont Fair is one of the best examples of the amazing and quirky Seattle population.

Between the Solstice Parade, the Doggy Parade and all the vendors, there were so many fun activities to see and do at the Fremont Fair. But, without a doubt, the WALLY team's favorite part was interacting with all the wonderful people who stopped by our booth to have their souvenir photo taken. We love seeing familiar and new faces. Our Fremont signs we're a hit, and they added a perfect touch to everyone's photos!

For those of you who missed us over the weekend, be sure you follow us on Twitter @PEMCO so you can stay up-to-date on where the WALLY team and our beloved wooden bears will be next!

See you next year!

by  Justin Dellinger



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