WALLY celebrates Queen Anne Days

The WALLY team was out in one of Seattle's favorite neighborhoods celebrating Queen Anne Days over the weekend. This was an eventful day, with a fun run, kiddie parade and sidewalk sale!

We joined runners in the morning, snapping photos as they crossed the finish line of the 3.3 mile race. After, we went over to the Queen Anne Community Center play fields for the Community BBQ, where we also offered our prize wheel, which was a big hit!

Participants were encouraged to dress up for the kiddie parade, so we had the opportunity to see all kinds of unique costumes. One of our favorites was Jonas Moore, who decided to dress as an astronaut. He was sure to tell us, “You know this is just a costume?”  It's the characters like Jonas that make each event unique and memorable for the WALLY team!

While we always love interacting with those who stop by the WALLY van, one of our favorite parts of the day was definitely watching the watermelon eating contest. Kids lined either side of the tables with wide eyes, staring at the large pieces of watermelon in front of them. Once the competition began, kids dove into the watermelon face first, devouring it in just minutes! The winners of each contest received a $25 iTunes gift card.

The WALLY team enjoyed the sunshine, BBQ and festivities at Queen Anne Days and look forward to more fun events this week!

by  Mikki Valentine



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