WALLY Joins as Hundreds Take the Plunge

The WALLY team headed down to Eugene, Oregon to take part in the Polar Plunge. We witnessed first-hand, brave souls diving into the frigid cold waters of the Willamette River, all to support a great cause, Special Olympics Oregon.

With temperatures hovering around 40 degrees on land, one can imagine how cold the water was. It's clear to say that this chilly event is for thrill-seekers. But the cool temperatures made the event even more exciting, and didn't stop the 300 participants who took the plunge. Aside from watching the brave participants, we really enjoyed the live band and the corky costumes. 

The event raised over $25,000 for the Oregon Special Olympics.  Whether you took the plunge or watched others do it, the Eugene Polar Plunge was a fun time for everyone involved.  While the plungers looked like they had a great time, the WALLY team was quite happy to stay bundled up on shore like Goosebumped Beach Bums

The WALLY team participated in another great event over the weekend. Check out our blog from School House Supplies Celebrity Spelling bee!

by  Mason Luvera



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