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Volunteering in the Greenway: Cub Scout Pack 568 relies on teamwork to get the job done

Tuesday, October 29, 2013by  Mikki Valentine

Though the morning started gray, volunteers arrived early and chipper on October 26 at Chinook Bend to volunteer with Mountains to Sound Greenway planting trees. Chinook Bend is a 59-acre piece of land donated to King County specifically for habitat protection. The WALLY team greeted volunteers with coffee, hot chocolate and treats so that they could plant more than 700 trees in just 6 hours!

As the morning came and went, afternoon volunteers began to arrive. A majority of the volunteers were involved with Cub Scouts Pack 568. There were over 20 volunteers related to the pack. Parents and siblings joined the scouts to help with the project. Soon the scouts began to think and work effectively. As a group they designed a system that allowed them to plant as many trees as possible. We checked with the pack to see what they decided was the best method to planting trees. This is the advice they shared:

1.  It is important to designate jobs and make sure everyone knows what their job is.

2.  Have three “diggers”, it is the diggers job to make sure to have enough buckets filled with fresh dirt for the “planters” to pat around the base of the trees.

3.  Many “bucket takers” are a necessity. Planters are able to use the dirt the diggers have dug quickly. Bucket takers need to be bringing back empty buckets and making sure which planters need buckets of dirt brought back to them.

4.  Lastly, parents need to dig holes for the trees because “parents can do the hard work.” The parents are what are known as the “planters” in the operation. They dig holes at the perfect depth to plant trees, transplant the trees from their buckets to the hole and then use the dirt that the bucket takers have brought them to make sure the tree is sound in the ground.

After watching the boys work, it became evident that their plan was effective. By working in a team, the pack was able to plant a few more than 200 trees. The WALLY team enjoyed their time spent with Mountain to Sound, volunteers, Pack 568 and Pack 568’s family members and we look forward to more events with Mountain to Sound Greenway.

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