Urban chickens coming soon to Tualatin

Poultry lovers, rejoice: backyard chicken farming may soon be legal in Tualatin.
   That is, if you own no more than four chickens (no roosters allowed), keep them 10 feet from your property line, 25 feet from the neighbors’ homes, and you don’t kill them on your property.
   The Tualatin city council will further decide the fate of chickens Nov. 25. Among the comments already received: “This isn’t the Beverly Hillbillies … we have way more class in Tualatin.”
   In Portland proper, you can keep up to three chickens without a permit – or if you prefer, three ducks, doves, pygmy goats, or rabbits. The city’s website says, “You can mix and match however you like, as long as you do not exceed the total of three critters.”
   Read The Oregonian story about Tualatin’s critters.

by  Jon Osterberg



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