Two reasons NW is best for summer travel

by Sharlyn Petit
     It seems that ‘June Gloom’ skipped a year.
     I keep catching myself saying things like, “My summer’s been busy so far,” and, “What great summer weather we’re having!” That’s what happens when Northwest May-June weather patterns give us the most spectacular long days and perfectly breezy nights. Because it feels like summer, spring doesn’t get any of the credit.
     Now that summer’s officially here, all of our blue-sky bragging and scenic hiking photos may cost us.
     In WalletHub’s recent ranking of best cities for summer travel, our region took spots No. 35 (Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro) and No. 53 (Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue) out of the 80 most populated metropolitan areas in the United States.
     Our overall rankings were tarnished by the categories: Local Costs (only Hawaii, California, and East Coast cities are more expensive), and Costs & Hassles of Getting There (stop-and-go gridlock on I-5, anyone?).
     But, the Portland and Seattle areas ranked in the Top 10 for two categories: Attractions and Parks & Recreation.
     That means road-trippers will take to the streets in droves. Locals will battle tourists for our parks, farmers markets, and camping spots. If we could just shut up already about the weather, we could keep our gems tourist-free.
     Yet a 10-day outlook of 80-degree days is just too hard to keep to ourselves — what great summer weather we’re having! #pnwisbest #bluesky #nofilter.
     See how other cities ranked in WalletHub’s study: 2015’s Best & Worst Cities for Summer Travel.

by  Jon Osterberg



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