Troopers ticket many for left-lane camping

An Oregon legislator says it’s time for left-lane campers to move over, or face consequences.
   "If you're not passing, stay out of the left lane," said Sen. Ginny Burdick (D-Portland), who is sponsoring the new bill. "It's really not that hard."
   Proponents say Oregon needs a law like Washington’s, which deems it illegal to drive in the left lane of freeways unless passing another vehicle. Skeptics in Washington think that’s irrelevant, perceiving the law is not enforced. In a 2011 PEMCO Poll of Washington drivers, 49% said they “often” see slower drivers using the left lane when other drivers want to use that lane to pass.
   However, in 2012 the Washington State Patrol stopped 14,241 drivers for left-lane violations, and troopers ticketed about 10 percent of those offenders, according to Washington police statistics cited in an Associated Press article. Read the story in the Tri-City Herald.

by  Jon Osterberg



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