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Trivia Time: Movies at Magnuson Season Begins

Friday, July 15, 2011by  WALLY Team

Where is the newest happening place to be on Thursday nights in Seattle?

A)    Mariner games
B)    Walking around Green Lake
C)    Home watching TV
D)    Movies at Magnuson

While options A through C are also good choices, we're inclined to think the correct answer is D) Movies at Magnuson.  This summer we are excited to be a part of this fabulous Northwest event, which kicked off last night with an outdoor showing of The Princess Bride.  Each Thursday from July 14 through August 25, Northwesterners can come enjoy a movie on a giant inflatable screen in Seattle's beautiful Magnuson Park.  The fun begins a few hours before dusk and moviegoers come early to stake out the prime spots and then sit back and relax until trivia starts!  

As the sun inches closer and closer to the horizon, everyone around the park stakes out their grassy spot and puts on their thinking caps -- no iPhone trivia apps allowed! Three rounds of trivia entice attendees and test their knowledge on the night's show, random facts and popular music.  See how well you would have scored... 

1. Which actor in The Princess Bride also plays the voice of Rex in Toy Story?
2. Which of Albert Einstein's body parts was preserved after his death?
3. What year was the song "Eye of the Tiger" released?).

Prizes are awarded to many of the top scorers, so not only is Movies at Magnuson a fun opportunity to see a great film, but it is also a chance to exercise your brain and maybe win some trivia prizes! 

If trivia just isn't your thing, or you want to do something a little more active before it starts, come by the WALLY van where PEMCO will have cornhole sets up for everyone to play. Check out some of the people who stopped by to play before last night's movie.

A group stops by the WALLY van to play some cornhole

Perfect form!

Another group of friends checks out the cornhole set
with the inflatable big screen in the background

The movie line-up for the rest of the summer looks fantastic, and we can't wait to be there for each one of them. More information and the rest of the movie line-up can be found at http://www.epiceap.com/seattle-outdoor-movies/.  

Final trivia question: Where will you be next Thursday night?
There's only one answer - Magnuson Park!

Oh, and some trivia answers, too!
1. Wallace Shawn gave voice to Rex in Toy Story and played Vizzini in The Princess Bride.
2. His brain (obviously) and his eyes (oddly).
3. "Eye of the Tiger" was released by the band Survivor in 1982.

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