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Traveling from Seattle to Portland - on a bike!

Friday, January 1, 2010by  Taylor Orian

If we told you biking over two hundred miles was possible in one day, would you believe us? What if we let you have two days to do it, would you be more inclined to try? This past weekend, 10,000 riders chose to do just that! In the annual Seattle to Portland biking marathon, riders tasked themselves with riding over two hundred miles within one or two days and the WALLY Team was there to help celebrate their accomplishment as they crossed the finish line!

During the two-day event, the WALLY Team encountered riders who just completed their first STP, and others who have been doing it for the past 20 years! We were curious to find those who were first-timers and wanted to ask them why they decided to ride in this loooooong race! Logan R. of Seattle is among one of those first-time riders and the WALLY Team was able to catch him for an exclusive interview!

WALLY Team: How long have you been training for STP?

Logan: Not as long as I should have! I only spent about two months actually focusing on training!

WALLY Team: What is your main thought when riding? What keeps you motivated from start to finish?

Logan: This year I was motivated because I got to ride for the Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation in support of research I’ve got to help with at the University of Washington. Next year I’ll be motivated by how proud I was of myself when I finished!

WALLY Team: What are the essentials you take with you on long bike rides like STP?

Logan: I would say the most important thing to success on a long ride is constantly eating food and drinking water! You have to always be eating and drinking, even before you get hungry or thirst. All the other fancy bike equipment isn’t worth anything if you get too tired to keep riding!

WALLY Team: What makes this riding event different from others that take place in the Northwest?

Logan: I would probably say the scale. There are just so many people out there riding and lots more helping. It was really impressive to see how well the event came together with so many participants… I was also impressed with the diversity of people and bikes that I saw on the ride.

WALLY Team: Having finished the 204 mile trek, what advice would you give to someone thinking of doing STP?

Logan: Don’t let the distance scare you! Adrenaline and all of the other riders will get you through the ride. Event if you didn’t get the chance to train much, it’s not as far as it sounds! (We’re not totally convinced! He must have some sort of superpower!)


And there you have it, some friendly info and advice from a first time Seattle to Portland-er! We hope all you Recumbent Bike Commuters will consider doing the Seattle to Portland next year if you haven’t already dared to! 

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