This Oregon dad teaching his teen to drive is all of us

I’m not sure how Google pointed me to a 2012 article written by a dad guiding his teen driver through the intersections and curves of Oregon roadways, but I’m so glad I ended up on the OregonLive blog for a laugh.

The blog post, written by the Oregonian’s commuter columnist Joseph Rose, highlights the universal rite of passage for a parent – that is,  handing over the keys to the Volvo (or other family car) while mom or dad buckles into the passenger seat.

How many of these things can you relate to as parent of a teen driver?

  • The “invisible brake” – a sort of miming act that brakes in tandem with the driver.
  • The “pointer” – the unhelpful guidance that substitutes hand gestures for directional words (left/right/straight/etc.)
  • The “drama king” – adding extra distractions like using a cell phone or raising your voice.
  • The “wrong rules” reciter – not keeping up with the times and updated rules, like, hands at 9 and 3, not 10 and 2. Hey, parents need to brush up on the DMV driver manual, too!

These all-too relatable teaching moments are good reminders to help create a calm environment, be patient, and make memories.

Parents who take time to talk with their teens about the many dangers of driving, typically have teens who engage in less risky driving and are involved in fewer crashes. Way to drive the conversation, Joseph!

Read Joseph’s full article on

by  Sharlyn Petit



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