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The WALLY team cleans up classrooms for two special Portland teachers

Thursday, June 20, 2013by  Kelsey Wickman

As of last Friday all the homework is done, papers are graded, and the halls of Portland schools are empty, but left is the grueling task of cleaning out the classrooms. This task was made much easier for two Portland teachers when the WALLY team came to town.

Portland teachers who shopped at Schoolhouse Supplies’ Free Store in the month of May were entered into PEMCO’s Classroom Cleanup contest. This contest was in addition to the Teacher Appreciation Sweepstakes sponsored by PEMCO and Schoolhouse Supplies.

The WALLY team’s first stop was Boise-Eliot School, where we helped first-grade teacher Stacey Harold-Golden.

Ms. Harold-Golden's class was full of “readers” and over the course of the year she collected a few hundred books. The books had outgrown their bookshelf and were moved to a loft area that will be transformed into the Reading Tree for next year’s class! The WALLY Team enjoyed seeing our favorite childhood books, like the Magic Tree House series.

The next day we arrived at Woodlawn Elementary, where third-grade teacher Dina Scottel was ready for us with a to-do list upon our arrival. Our tasks included scraping the desks to get rid of remaining tape from students’ nametags.


The rest of the day was spent vacuuming, wiping, stacking, organizing, and more scraping. The end results were so worth it and Ms. Scottel made it a point to brag to all her colleagues about her newly cleaned classroom. This made our day!

At both schools we learned what a huge impact Schoolhouse Supplies has on Portland-area teachers and students at these schools. We learned that at Boise-Eliot Elementary, school supply lists are not given out to students, so teachers like Mrs. Harold-Golden rely heavily on Schoolhouse Supplies to stock their classrooms. Ms. Scottel even showed us the supply closet where the teachers combine their Schoolhouse Supplies finds and share them with their fellow teachers!

Who knew we could have so much fun cleaning classrooms? We certainly did, and it was a great way to show how much we appreciate teachers and the work they do!

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