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The Apple Blossom Festival: Keeping It in the Family

Monday, April 2, 2012by  WALLY Team

The Apple Blossom Festival is something many Washingtonians keep on their calendar year after year.  The PBAs had the pleasure of attending the second event of the festival, the Art Print Reception, in Wenatchee this past weekend! We were welcomed by many of the board members as well as this year's royal court, although we didn't spot the Wenatchee Apple King, at least not this one.

PEMCO proudly sponsored this year's art print, and we were fortunate enough to bring home a beautiful framed copy.

Jeff Neher presents PBA Ashley Bean with the framed art print.

This year's Director General, Adele (Fischer) Haley, has been involved with the Apple Blossom Festival since 1974 when she was crowned as the princess! Since then, Adele has been involved with all manner of Apple Blossom activities, including Memorial Park volunteer and Royalty Candidate etiquette class instructor.  Her passion for the festival has encouraged many of her family members and close friends to become more involved, as well. Adele's enthusiasm for this festival is contagious! You could really feel the love in the room. 

The Apple Blossom Festival is a tradition for many, and I think that's what makes it so special.  People get involved at a young age and remain invested throughout their entire lives!  We hope the young ladies that were part of this year's royal court — and all young people involved in the festival — will follow in Adele's footsteps and carry on the legacy of the Apple Blossom Festival!

Our PEMCO table at the reception, complete with delicious appetizers


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