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Teen uses Google Earth to discover an ancient city

Tuesday, May 24, 2016by  Sharlyn Petit

So, to start – this story has nothing to do with teen driving, unless you twist to another definition of “drive” to say, Canadian teen drives the discovery of lost Mayan City. True story, and my inner Indiana Jones is envious.

Fifteen-year old William Gadoury of Quebec used satellite photos to test his theory that Mayan cities were constructed to align to star constellations. His study of Google Earth and Canadian Space Agency images led him to find archaeological features common to a pyramid, as well as 30 smaller structures under canopy cover in Mexico.

All before Canada’s minimum driving age of 16, this teen has: 1) potentially discovered a city, and 2) used technology for more than just a tornado of texting and Snapchatting. Two great wins for Generation Z.

Gadoury named the city K'aak Chi, or Mouth of Fire. No one has gone into the jungle yet to confirm the find, and the idea is getting a lot of criticism from academics. But, even if it turns out to be a corn field that’s gone fallow, how hopeful to think that there are parts of this earth we have yet to discover.

Read more about the discovery in the Popular Mechanics article.

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