Teen lost in Oregon emulating ‘Into the Wild’

A 19-year-old from Oklahoma believed lost on Oregon’s remote Steens Mountain was inspired by the 2007 biographical film “Into the Wild.”
   Dustin Self’s family and friends are hoping for a happier ending. Alexander Supertramp, the alias assumed by “Wild” adventurer Christopher McCandless, died of starvation in the Alaskan wilderness in 1992. “Into the Wild” author Jon Krakauer profiled McCandless’s plight in his 1996 book, which later gave rise to the film.
   After a rancher found Self’s pickup truck in snow at the 5,100-foot level of the 9,733-foot mountain, searchers began combing its slopes April 16. Self was well-equipped to endure the outdoors, his mother said. Read The Oregonian article.
   Steens, a fault-block mountain in southeastern Oregon, is a tilted mesa with a dizzying 5,500-foot dropoff – more than a vertical mile – into the Alvord Desert. You can drive to the top of Steens Mountain in summer and fall via Oregon’s highest road.

by  Jon Osterberg



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