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Teachers, let us hear from your teen scribes

Tuesday, February 4, 2014by  Jon Osterberg

I often fret about writing these teen-driver blog posts because some topics (if not the tone) get old.
   “Teens, do this, not that.” “Look, there’s another teen car crash.” “Legislators want to tighten teen-driving laws.”
   I know how that sounds. Some teens might think, “Give me a break. Your blog sounds just like my parents, always criticizing and worried about my driving.”
   When I was a teen, I’d hear those messages and tune out at some point.
   Like it or not, statistics show that teens are greater risks than older drivers. But I’d like this blog to give some cred to that – or temper that – with words from teen drivers themselves.
   Here’s the chance: Teachers, if you have beginning teen drivers in your classes who also are skilled writers, give them a forum. PEMCO welcomes guest blogs from teen drivers.
   We have a few ground rules. Writers must keep it respectful and constructive. No rants or venting for venting’s sake. We reserve the right to edit submissions for stuff like grammar and punctuation.
   Not sure what to write about? Click here to scroll through posts that date to November 2012. Find a topic that interests you.
   Is your perspective a bit different? Share it.
   Have you had a similar experience? Tell us about it.
   Do you disagree with the premise of the story? Explain why.
   In all cases, let’s do it with the spirit and intent to make our roads safer for teens and other drivers.
   So teachers, refer your best writers to us at

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