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Wednesday, April 17, 2013by  Cael Anacker


Have you ever needed a new bike but you didn’t want to pay top-dollar for a brand-new one? Have you outgrown your current bike and would like to trade it in for some cash? Or, do you enjoy bike riding and browsing for new bikes to see what you can find? If you answered yes to any of these questions then, the Spokane Bike Swap would be right up your alley!

The WALLY team took some time out of their busy weekend schedule to volunteer at the Spokane Bike Swap. There, folks from all over the Inland Empire came together to buy, sell, and trade their bicycles and swap stories about their time on the road or mountain. PEMCO Brand Ambassador Cael helped Recumbent Bike Commuters browse for bikes, including a magnificent Ciocc touring bike, while tough-guy Justin worked security. 

Spokane Bike Swap

PEMCO Brand Ambassador Cael testing out a cool ride

Plenty of folks scored great deals on awesome new rides, while others made a pretty penny for their old rides. To help you stay safe on your while riding, here are some tips courtesy of the Spokane Bike Swap, Bicycle Alliance of Washington, and Washington Department of Licensing:

Maintain and Regularly Inspect Your Equipment

If you are not skilled at bike mechanics, take your bike to a shop at least yearly for a tune and inspection.

Ride with Traffic

Don’t ride against traffic—it’s illegal and dangerous. If you approach an intersection with a right turn lane and intend to continue straight, ride in the through lane.

Signal All Turns

Look back before you make a lane change or turn. Signal before you turn. A good mirror helps, but always double check by looking.

Be Visible Day and Night

Bicycle reflectors are not sufficient for safety. Headlights and a rear reflector are required when riding at night. Flashing tail lights and reflective clothing are highly recommended. A second red tail light is a good safety addition and backup. Wear bright hi-visibility clothing even during the day. A distracted driver has a better chance of seeing you if you stand out.

The WALLY team had a great time at the Spokane Bike Swap! Stay tuned to see where we’ll be next!

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