Supercharged Seahawks Fans show their support at Renton rally


It's clear that Supercharged Seahawk Fandemonium struck in Renton.  We were excited to attend the Seahawks send-off rally at Renton City Hall on Friday afternoon, and we weren't the only ones excited about the Seahawks' upcoming playoff game.

Hundreds of fans gathered at City Hall to rally and properly send off the team on their way to the airport before they took on the number one ranked NFC team, Atlanta Falcons. The rally pumped up fans in preparation for Sunday's “Battle of the Birds.”  

It was remarkable to see the community come together and celebrate the Seahawks' succes thus far. People came from all over Washington to attend the rally, with one fan driving four hours. 

At approximately 2 p.m., all of the Supercharged Seahwaks fans flocked to a 405 overpass to cheer on the team as their bus passed by on their way to the airport.

From mohawks to painted faces, our favorite part was seeing all the fans decked out in their best Seahawks gear. 

Like most 'Hawks fans, we're heartbroken over the team's tough loss on Sunday, but are so proud to be part of the 12th man legion and are already looking forward to cheering for the Seahawks next season. 

by  Elliott Nicholas



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