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Summertime tips for safer teen driving

Tuesday, July 9, 2013by  Jon Osterberg

Parents can’t be hip or cool in teaching teens how to drive safely, says a recent New York Daily News article.
   If you’re a mom or dad trying to do that, stick with the facts: Remind your kids that teen driving always will be dangerous because teen drivers are inherently inexperienced. That’s why teens need to earn – not merely be granted – your trust.
   June through August is particularly dangerous for teen drivers who are on summer vacation, driving around aimlessly rather than purposefully to and from school or sports practices. The Daily News article acknowledges this, suggesting that parents give their teens a curfew.
   PEMCO has long endorsed “activity-based curfews.” In essence, rather than set curfew at a fixed time, base it on the teen driver’s activity. Going to a movie that ends at 9:30? Be home by 10:00. Going to a dance that ends after 10:00? Drop off your date and be home by 11:00.
   The intent is for activity-based curfews to eliminate aimless time behind the wheel, time that's statistically shown to be dangerous, especially after midnight. Read this consumer-tip sheet, and learn more in the Daily News article.

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