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Stuck in park vs. learning to drive: What motivates teens to get their licenses?

Thursday, September 29, 2016by  Sharlyn Petit

Examples of teens delaying licensing and being generally uninterested in driving have spread the idea that today’s teens aren’t in a hurry to sit in the driver’s seat.

So what’s the primary motivation for teens who do get their licenses? A recent study conducted by Aceable Drivers Ed found the answer to that question isn’t a surprise – independence.

More than 50% of the 291 teens surveyed (ages 14-17) said they were motivated to take drivers education so they wouldn’t have to rely on their parents for rides any more.

Other top reasons included:

  • To drive to school (20.8%)

  • Parents wanted them to/or to help with family driving (17.6%)

  • To get a job and make money (13.3%).

On the flip side, the top-two reasons for teens delaying licensing were: just didn’t get around to it (34.9%) and cost of driving was too expensive (29.9%).

Though we hear stories in our own circles of lazy teens not willing to give up the parent-chauffeur, the study shows today’s teens (like generations before) are still motivated by the sweet independence that a license brings.

Wait, motivated and teen in the same sentence? Now, that doesn’t seem right.

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