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Stop! Do these 3 things before your first night-driving lesson

Wednesday, November 9, 2016by  Sharlyn Petit

With fewer daylight hours to squeeze in practice time, chances are that teen drivers who are just starting out may be coming up on their first night-driving lessons.

Before you strap in and start logging those dusk-to-dark hours, make sure you set the stage for successful and safe lessons with these quick tips:

1. Take it slow and steady. Don’t launch a young driver into a situation with dicey conditions like bad weather, awful traffic, or unfamiliar roads. When practicing night driving, start off on well-lit and familiar streets, and encourage the driver to take extra time for maneuvering.

2. Give the vehicle a quick safety check. While you may be adapted to driving with dim headlights or a dirty windshield (though we hope you don’t), take a few minutes to clean the windshield’s interior and exterior, de-fog your headlights, and check for any dead bulbs.

3. Feeling sleepy? Do it another day. Driving lessons often take place after an already long day of work or school. If the teacher or driver is even the least bit tired or drowsy, postpone the lesson to another time.

Need some tips for yourself? Check out these night-driving hacks for Baby Boomers to help improve your vision behind the wheel.

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