Stolen cabin found 10 miles away, near Springdale

A cabin stolen off its foundation northwest of Spokane has been found.
   The Hempel family drove into the woods north of Springdale Tuesday intending to enjoy their weekend cabin, but found the gate’s lock cut – and the cabin itself entirely missing.
   A phone tip to the Stevens County Sheriff led deputies to a site on Thursday about 10 miles away, where the 10-by-20-foot structure was found on private property. There are suspects, but no arrests have been made.
   The Hempels speculate the cabin was hauled off during the night since neighbors heard nothing.
   The cedar-wall cabin, pre-built by Birky’s Better Built Barns, had no electricity or sewer lines. Still, it required some ingenuity to lift the structure and haul it off. Read the brief Spokesman-Review article.

by  Jon Osterberg



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