Spokane sizzled to near-record July heat

It’s been a warm, sunny summer for much of the Northwest.
   Almost too warm for Spokane, which pumped 3.78 billion gallons of water in July from its municipal water supply. Much of that presumably sprinkled parched plants and lawns.
   Out of 31 days last month, Spokane topped 90 degrees on 17 of them. That made July the second-hottest ever in city history, behind July 1906, according to the National Weather Service.
   Local weather has been so warm and dry that it triggered a Sahara-like haboob – a severe dust and sand storm – that swept through Ritzville Aug. 12. Check out the KREM-2 News story.
   California has been even warmer, shattering its 1934 record for the hottest January through July.

by  Jon Osterberg



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