South Lake Union Park: Open at Last

The 10-year transformation of a disused gravel lot into a grassy waterfront destination has finally given South Lake Union residents a place to wriggle their toes. Today Brad, Peter, and I stepped out into PEMCO's backyard to see the newly unveiled South Lake Union Park. As we explored the 12 acres of precise stone plazas and gentle grass hills we chatted with some residents about the new addition to the neighborhood.

"We're looking forward to getting our hands wet in the model boat pond. Maybe by the time it gets warm again our daughter be tall enough to splash around in it."

More, Radiance, and Jennifer, South Lake Union

"We're just happy people can finally enjoy the foot bridge. It's been such a temptation for so long with the area caged in by fences."

Cpt. Paul Busby and Regina, Queen of Seattle Crew

"Flying here at lunch is already my weekly routine and it's only been open 4 days."

Alex, Downtown

"I home school my children. We couldn't ask for a better place to take a recess." Ree Ree, South Lake Union

We're certain this beautiful setting in the South Lake Union neighborhood will see future visits from the WALLY1 van and more than a few PEMCO employees. Maybe we'll se you there!

by  WALLY Team



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