Some leave no notes after hitting parked cars

Technically, it’s hit and run. And Northwest drivers do it.  
   The latest PEMCO Poll reveals that 47% of Portland-area drivers admit they leave the accident scene without leaving a note after hitting an unoccupied car.
   In Washington, 28% admit to doing the same.
   However, of those who’ve hit a car and not left a note, 82% of Portland drivers say they’ve done it only once, while 32% of Washington drivers admit to doing it two or more times.
   When comparing gender, men seem to be more accident-prone than women – 29% of males in the Northwest have had three or more accidents regardless of who’s at fault, compared with 20% of female drivers.
   After a non-injury collision, motorists are required by law to take certain steps. PEMCO outlines five of them in this PEMCO Poll news release. You also can read more about the poll in this Vancouver Columbian article.

by  Jon Osterberg



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