Sidewalk art all grown up for incoming high school seniors

Source: Bowie High School Twitter @AISDBowie For some Class of 2017 students, the start of a new school year means putting a (colorful) mark on their reserved parking spaces.

Popping up on Twitter moments this morning, schools in Texas, Indiana, Florida, are others are all showing off the talents of their students as they personalize their spots with names, murals, and inspirational quotes.

One of my favorites in the bunch? A simple “Have courage and be kind” written on a floral background – a great reminder to start off each day.

Do you know of any Northwest high schools participating in a similar back-to-school parking tradition? I remember some informal spray painting in school colors taking place in my high school lot (an attempt to reserve spots that were first-come, first-served), but nothing as fancy as what's popping up around the country.

The best part is, many of the schools with the painted lots make a community event out of the tradition, and some raise money for local nonprofits or Associated Student Body funds. A win-win!

Image source: Bowie High School Twitter @AISDBowie

by  Sharlyn Petit



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