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See if your car ranks among the most stolen

Friday, August 23, 2013by  Jon Osterberg

“Hot Wheels” – the annual list of most-stolen vehicles, issued by the National Insurance Crime Bureau – now lists thefts by model year, including a table showing the most-stolen 2012 models.
   More interesting (to me, anyway) is the feature that shows thefts by state. Northwest “Hot Wheels” can differ from those stolen elsewhere.
   Washingtonians who own a 1996 Honda Accord or a 1995 Honda Civic, beware – your cars top the list. Oregonians should guard those same models, but different model years – the ‘94 Accord and ‘98 Civic.
   Idaho is a little different. Its most-stolen vehicles are full-size pickups, the 1998 Chevys and 1994 Fords.
   Pickup thefts seem to rank highest in rural, low-population states. In Wyoming, for example, the most-stolen vehicles are full-size pickups built by Ford, Dodge, and Chevy, followed by the small Chevy pickup.
   Spokane Valley follows suit with the rest of the Northwest. The Spokesman-Review reported six Hondas were stolen there on Aug. 20 alone.

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