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Seahawks vs. NY Giants: Through Thick and Thin

Monday, November 8, 2010by  WALLY Team

The hours in front of the mirror, the late nights packing coolers, and the early mornings circling the block to parallel park an RV—the life of a sportsfan is not always easy, and neither is a loss at home. But we ask which is worse; a team that doesn't win, or a fan that doesn't care enough to try? 

Supercharged Seahawks Fans throw everything behind their team, and each Sunday at Qwest Field they display their individual contribution at the PEMCO booth in Touchdown City. Whether they show off their warrior spirit with a battle kilt and cape, or summon magic with sign festooned with glitter and rainbows, they are dependable and they are present. Like the team they love, they earn everything.

Fans like these deserve to be rewarded. We aim to do just that in our Supercharged Seahawks Fan Photo Contest. You can submit your photo under the Contests and Polls section of this website, or visit the WALLY1 van in Touchdown City at the Qwest Field Events Center. We'll take the photo for you and send you into the game with your own free printed copy. Even if you are not selected as a finalist, you can still hop online and vote. Winners will receive an autographed jersey or football, and have their photo displayed on HawkVision at the next home game.

Here are some photos of hopeful candidates from Seahawks vs. NY Giants:

Seahawks fan holding Charlie Whitehurst sign 

Nicohlette and her friend Chris thought Charlie Whitehurst could use some magic.

Seahawks fan all dressed up for game 

When a Seahawks fan is properly supercharged, the hair is known to stand on end.

The WALLY1 van will be at Qwest Field next on November 28 as Seattle takes on Kansas City. Better start putting that outfit together!

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