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Seahawks super-fans flock to Renton City Hall

Saturday, January 11, 2014by  Mason Luvera

Seahawks fans have generated a lot of buzz for being some of the most passionate -- and loud -- people in the world of sports.  From cheers registering as strong as a small earthquake, to the sea of blue and green jerseys that are worn by just about everyone on game day, Seahawks fans know how to show their support. 

We had the opportunity to join in on the fun at the Seahawks Fan Rally at Renton City Hall today, and learned just what it takes to be a 12th Man.

Erin and Jenn are two self-described super-fans who would do just about anything (literally anything, Jenn has a Seahawks tattoo) to win the title of the ultimate Seahawks supporter.  Dressed from head to toe in blue and green and their two dogs in matching tutus, no one can deny their pride and passion for their favorite team. 

Here are Erin and Jenn's keys to being a 12th (Wo)Man:

  1. Love Them, Win or Lose!
    You win some, you lose some, but one key to being a true 12th Man is to love your team through thick and thin. 
  2. Live It Every Day.
    Do you think being a super-fan means showing your pride only on game days?  Well, if you're a true 12th Man, think again!  The duo says not a day goes by when they don't think about the Seahawks. Erin even knocked out a wall in her home to make way for the ultimate Seahawks-themed bar for game days. Now that's dedication.

We'll see the 12th Man at Touchdown City before kickoff tomorrow. GO HAWKS!

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