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Seahawks spirit thriving in little Fall City

Monday, January 26, 2015by  Jon Osterberg

Yesterday I set out to see if the Seahawks spirit is as vibrant in small-town Washington as it was last year.
   The weekend before the 2014 Super Bowl, I captured that spirit on camera 80 miles east of Seattle in Cle Elum and Roslyn, where Seahawks flags and signs appeared everywhere.
   I assumed Seahawks colors would be even more pervasive closer to Seattle, so yesterday I drove through North Bend (population 6,236), Snoqualmie (12,018), and Fall City (1,993).
   My wife and I turned off I-90 at exit 34, site of the Travel Centers of America truck stop. (Formerly known to old-timers as Ken’s Truck Town.) We turned west and drove along S.E. North Bend Way with our eyes peeled for anything Seahawks related.
   Nothing there.
   We cruised downtown North Bend, which I was certain would be awash in blue and green. Again, nothing.
   I turned right on SR 202 and passed an insurance company flying a 12 flag, but that was all. We continued west to Snoqualmie. I turned off Railroad Avenue and circled through a few neighborhoods. One home bore a Hawks sign and an “I’m In!” placard on the front door, but soon Snoqualmie and the Salish Lodge were in my rearview mirror with no more signs of 12 spirit.
   Five miles down the road, we entered Fall City. At last, the smallest of the three towns I visited virtually screamed Seahawks!
   Championship banners hung from eaves. Front-window posters proclaimed “Champions.” Blue 12 flags flapped from cars, adorned taverns, and fluttered above coffee stands.
   One watering hole/eatery hung a hybrid U.S.-Seahawks flag in the window.
   Driving west out of town, a store selling Western furnishings flaunted Seahawks colors.
   Perhaps the smaller the town, the more visible Seahawks spirit becomes?
   Nah. That doesn’t explain all the 12 flags flapping atop Seattle’s skyscrapers and construction cranes.
   Whether it’s visible or not, I can sense that all corners of the Northwest have Seahawks Fever.
   Go Hawks!

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