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Seafair 2011: The PEMCO Prize Wheel Returns

Monday, August 8, 2011by  WALLY Team

As any true Northwest resident knows, Seafair is one of the most highly anticipated and exciting events each year in the Seattle area, culminating with the intense hydroplane races. The PEMCO brand ambassadors came prepared to the 2011 event with loads of giveaways for the return of the ever-popular PEMCO Prize Wheel.

A lucky participant gives the wheel a spin and takes home a prize

Participants had a chance to land on one of eight different Northwest Profiles, each with its own corresponding prize. Everyone is a winner!


The gigantic prize wheel generated many conversations about the profiles. A true Walla Walla Wine Wine Woman Woman came up to the PEMCO booth and proudly announced her allegiance to her hometown, her beverage of choice and her Northwest Profile.

We saw more than one NW (Fe)Male Action Figure, as Genesee Park was packed with military personnel. These jacks-of-all-trades were friendly, fit and musical. On Sunday, a group of Navy sailors graced the Seafair stage and entertained us all with renditions of popular hits we could all sing along to.



As the Blue Angels put on a dazzling aerial display,
Navy personnel dazzled on stage



Each day the US Navy Blue Angels wowed the masses with their daring dives and brave barrel rolls. The clear skies gave us all a fabulous view of their talent. The weekend was filled with incredible performances, fun company and warm weather. What more could anyone ask for?

If you didn't get enough of WALLY and our PEMCO profiles, come visit us this coming Thursday at the PEMCO Insurance Outdoor Movies at Magnuson Park where you can eat food, play trivia and watch Ghostbusters.


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