SIFF Sasquatch thriller shot locally

If you’re among those who desperately seek Sasquatch, you’ll be delighted about a new movie that debuts May 24 at the Seattle International Film Festival.
     “Valley of the Sasquatch” is a thriller shot in Roslyn and Snoqualmie Pass. It draws from an account of Sasquatches attacking miners asleep in a cabin at what later was named Ape Canyon, just east of Mount St. Helens, in 1924.
     Allegedly – in 1924, as well as in the movie – three angry 7-foot critters stood high above the cabin at night and pummeled it with boulders and logs. The next day one of the miners shot one of the ape-like beasts, which fell 400 feet into Ape Canyon.
     Filming of the movie took place last June and July. I’ll admit, I don’t recognize any of the performers’ names, but if you’re really curious and really brave, you can watch this trailer.

by  Jon Osterberg



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