Rain coming, so check gutters and drainpipes

It rained so hard yesterday that water pooled into a giant puddle near my front porch. Greater Seattle’s wet season is well underway.
   Although right now I see a sunny gap between storms, KING-5’s Jeff Renner warns that high winds will pound the Oregon and Washington coasts this afternoon, bringing heavy rain for the next three days.
   It’s time to check the gutters and downspouts.
   Clogged gutters and drains can wreck homes, forcing water into places you don’t want it to go. Places like under roof tiles and onto your ceiling, or along your foundation and into your basement.
   That’s why it’s good to remove fallen leaves from your gutters, and to walk around the perimeter of your house during a deluge to make sure water isn’t gurgling out of blocked drainpipes.
   During an October storm years ago, I found rainwater gushing up and out of a drainpipe alongside the house. It baffled me because there were no trees nearby to drop leaves that could clog my gutters. I had to dig up a section of 4-inch flex drain and replace it.
   Wedged deep inside, I found a wad of wood chips, nails, and asphalt tile scraps. Dang! I’d had my roof replaced that summer, and the workers obviously didn’t bother to stuff a rag in the gutter drain to prevent it from clogging. Once the rains came, all that junk washed through the downspout and into my flex drain.
   Read our tips for the right way to clean your gutters and dry up your wet basement.

by  Jon Osterberg



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