Prolific pie-eater shares his winning secret

Lots of people celebrate July 4 with traditional picnic fare. I did, enjoying fried chicken and ice cream.
     Contestants at Riverfront Park's pie-eating contest in Spokane celebrated by devouring blackberry pies. Winner Chad Dalton consumed his in just four minutes, four seconds, as reported by The Spokesman-Review. 
     Dalton's secret? Pucker your lips and suck it in like a beverage. His technique earned him the $100 top prize.
     The second-place finisher tried to wash his pie down with a gulp of water, but it was blocked by pie.
     Later, a Riverfront hot dog-eating contest was won by a Kennewick man who ate nine tube steaks in five minutes.
     Ouch. That had to hurt.
     To this day, I remain impressed by my friend Rick, who at age 17 backpacked with me and five other teens up to Waptus Lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area. One night for dinner, Rick consumed an entire package of 10 hot dogs, roasting and eating one after another until they were gone.
     These weren't huge dogs like you'd find at Costco today, but still, downing 10 conventional weenies is an impressive feat.
     Check out the Spokesman-Review story for video of Monday's pie-eaters.

by  Jon Osterberg



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