Port of Tacoma receives record-size ship

A ship the length of five Boeing 747s docked in Tacoma July 10, setting a record for vessel size at the port.
   The Zim Djibouti container vessel stretches 1,145 feet long, while Boeing’s venerable 747-400 jumbo jet extends a mere 232. Amazingly, the ship holds 10,070 truck-size containers without tipping over or being swamped under the weight.
   Big as Zim Djibouti is, the longest container ship in the world stretches 1,309 feet, 164 longer than Zim. And the Zim has plied Puget Sound waters before, first calling on the Port of Seattle in August 2009. In June of that year, the Mette Maersk and Marit Maersk – each 1,205 feet long – also docked in Seattle. Read The News Tribune article.

by  Jon Osterberg



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