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Poll shows 33% think Sasquatch is real

Friday, December 21, 2012by  Jon Osterberg

Sasquatch is real, according to one-third of your friends and neighbors.
   The latest PEMCO Poll, conducted by FBK Research of Seattle, reveals that 33% of Northwest drivers – and 36% of those living in Washington – believe it’s possible that Sasquatch exists. And 12% of everyone surveyed said they or someone they know has seen a living Sasquatch.
   The numbers are a little higher for people under age 35, and they’re a little lower in the greater Portland area, where only 28% believe in the possibility of Sasquatch. Read the entire news release, and take an informal version of the poll to see how your answers compare with others.

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personPeterO06/25/2013 07:53 PM
This is much better than reality TV or politics.
personRoger12/30/2012 02:33 PM
I sincerely believe that Sasquatch/Yeti/Abominable snowman is real far too many sightings,footprints from respected people and why not there are still animals,fish and insects still being discovered all over the world.

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