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Parents monitor teen driving with the twist of a wrist

Thursday, May 14, 2015by  Jon Osterberg

by Sharlyn Petit
     Big Brother-esque driving apps are popping up left and right. The newest app from Volkswagen builds on its existing Car-Net® feature (known for its one-button access to emergency roadside assistance) to include real-time alerts that sync to a smartphone, or even to the new Apple Watch.
     Sorry, teens. With the app, parents can set parameters to be alerted about your driving habits all with a few taps to the wrist. Driving faster than mom and dad prefer? Notification sent. Traveling outside the boundary limits agreed upon in your teen driver contract? Notification sent.
     Volkswagen’s Family Guardian feature may be an indicator of what’s to come for the newer cars coming out on the market. Along with monitoring the habits of different drivers in the household, the Car-Net® app offers other slick features: recover a stolen vehicle using GPS, remotely unlock doors, sound horn and flash lights in unsafe situations, check fuel diagnostics, and more.
     Read about it in the Volkswagen press release here.

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